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3 Biggest mistakes when importing from China

Importing products from China is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time and does require experience to do effectively. It is easy to go on websites like Alibaba and MadeInChina and gather quotes in till you have found the cheapest supplier however this is unlikely to produce strong results in the long run. The 3 most common mistakes are: 


We cannot all just jump on a plane to Shanghai and do a business deal however making an effort to meet the factory producing your goods will be extremely beneficial for both the factory and the buyer. Without meeting the factory it is hard to know if the person you are buying from is even a factory at all. Another issue is the condition of the factory, It is important to check that the working conditions and overall safety of the factory is acceptable. From our experience factory owners always appreciate the effort of a buyer or representative of the company going to meet them and this will usually show by them offering you better prices. 


Many people shop around and choose the supplier based on the cheapest price. This is not ideal when building a relationship with the factory. How do you know if you’re comparing a like for like product? You are far more likely to be cheated or receive a defective product if you base everything on cost. You need to find the right supplier who can meet your requirements. That being said obviously you should still look for good pricing just try to have some balance between price, service and quality.


This is the mistake we feel the most strongly about because of how many times it has affected us in the past. Many times people have trusted the factory to tell them that the products are in good condition, They are the same as the approved sample and ready to ship. It is so important that you or someone you trust can go to check over the items, send you images or videos and make sure when you pay the balance for the shipment that you are not loosing money. It is notoriously hard to get money back from a new supplier once you have already received the goods. 

It is not all doom and gloom though! Buying from China and the trial and error of importing is a fun and rewarding experience. Weather you use a buying agent or go it alone you will likely build a strong and successful business. 


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