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We are a team of buying professionals who provide a fantastic and reliable sourcing service to customers of all sizes who are looking to purchase goods in China and other countries in Asia.

Watch our "How it works" Video below.

Our friendly team is made up of British and Chinese staff all devoted to making sure we meet you’re buying requirements.

Buying from China and Vietnam allowed our product based business to thrive and become far more profitable, We still run a successful company today buying from China and selling online. We have over 10,000 individual sku`s so over time we have become very good at organising our shipments and controlling stock. 

We understand the needs of small and medium sized business who have never purchased in Asia. Understanding how to buy and import from Asia effectively can save a lot of time and money. We make sure we take every step in the process to avoid costly mistakes for our clients.

We are not afraid of our customers out growing us as we outgrew our suppliers in the past instead we encourage you to visit Asia, We encourage you to engage In purchasing from the far east and enjoy all the fun that comes with it.

George Nesnas - Founder

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